The Picture News was the major newspaper in Central City. Iris Allen was a photographer for the Picture News.
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Central City

The Picture News was the major newspaper in Central City. Iris Allen was a photographer for the Picture News.

Gotham City

Picture News Magazine was an international news magazine with offices in Gotham City as their main locale in the United States of America and another office in Paris, France as their main base of operations in Europe.

Notorious photographer Vick Vale worked as the Chief Bureau in the Paris office for a few years before she returned to Gotham permenently and was subsequently transferred to the Picture News offices in Gotham.[1] As part of the transfer, Vicki became photo editor for the magazine,[2] working for executive editor Morton Monroe, who was a pawn of the crime lord Rupert Thorne.[3] Following Thorne's instructions, Monroe stole Vicki's photo evidence of Batman's real identity,[4] but when the evidence turned out to be wrong, Morton Monroe committed suicide in his office, knowing that he was already a dead man because of Thorne's eventual backlash. against him.[5]

After Monroe's death, Vicki Vale was promoted to Chief Editor of Picture News,[6] but as her relationship with Bruce Wayne deteriorated, she asked the publisher to send her on a mission out of town.[7] Like this, she was assigned on a mission to Guatemala[8] and upon returning, Vicki resumed her activities as Chief Editor.[9] Soon, Vicki was asked by Julia Remarque for a job at the magazine and Vicki used her influences to make Julia her assistant.[10] In a similar manner, Penguin contacted Vicki and tried to get the magazine to publish an article on him, but Vicki refused, causing the gangster's wrath.[11] After a while, Vicki promoted Julia to writer, which she considered was a more suitable job for her.[12][13]


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