The Rogues discovered that one of the realities that could be accessed by Mirror Master's mirrors was a reversed version of their own reality. A warped, chaotic, world they found a like-minded individual named Plunder who they used to attack Central City.[1]

While Mirror Master and the Rogues trapped the Flash in an alternate reality, Plunder was hired to terrorize Keystone City. Working for the Thinker, he gathered remaining Rogues and together they took control of the city until the Flash was able to break free and defeat the Rogues, Thinker and Plunder himself.


Plunder later joined Blacksmith's Rogues and began working with them in their plan to eliminate the Flash's allies. Their first target was his own counterpart, Detective Jared Morillo. After briefly assuming the identity of Jared[2], his identity is soon discovered when his facial scar is noticed to be on the opposite side of his face and he didn't act like the real Jared Morillo everyone knew. A disorganized and misguided Zoom was able to defeat Plunder and shatter his pieces either killing him or sending him back to his original reality.




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