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Point Blank Vol 1 3


Point Blank Vol 1 3

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"Point Blank, Part Three": Grifter meets with Midnighter in order to find out more information. He questions Midnighter about Tao but Midnighter doesn't know anything. He directs Grifter to [[John Cooper

Quote1 Now I've got another suspect. Fuck it... I'll just kill 'em both. Quote2
-- Cole Cash

Appearing in "Point Blank, Part Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tao (Flashback only)

Other Characters:


  • Saint Christopher's Place (gay bar)



Synopsis for "Point Blank, Part Three"

Grifter meets with Midnighter in order to find out more information. He questions Midnighter about Tao but Midnighter doesn't know anything. He directs Grifter to Jack Hawksmoor instead. Jack tells Grifter that after Tao's supposed death there was some bizarre activities in the criminal world. Jack says Lynch came to him because he suspected Tao was behind the criminal activity and that Tao had set-up some sort of worldwide syndicate. Lynch thought this syndicate might be using The Bleed for their activities but Hawksmoor found that they weren't.

Grifter heads back to the hospital but finds Lynch's body has been taken away in a deliberate attempt to keep Grifter out of the loop. After interrogating an agent, Grifter finds out that it was Marc Slayton that issued the order to keep Grifter away from Lynch.

Grifter confronts Slayton and drills him for more information. Slayton finally tells Grifter about the man named Carver. He tells Grifter that Carver was Lynch's star student but he let his ambition get the better of him. On a mission, Carver supposedly stole an artifact he was supposed to recover and sold it to the highest bidder. Then he was caught on camera helping Tao's men during a raid.

Back at his hotel room, Grifter evaluates all his new information. Just then, he receives a mysterious phone call from the front desk. Someone wants to meet with Grifter and he has no idea who it could be.


  • This book was first published on October 9, 2002.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Point Blank collected edition.


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