Pollux was a clone of Barry Allen created to be a test subject for a super soldier. Because of his mistreatment by one of the two people in charge of the research facility that created him, Pollux escaped and learned who he was patterned after, only to later confront his creators and kill them. Ultimately he ended up taking a bullet that was meant for the Flash, sacrificing his life to save someone else in the process.



  • Power Instability: Pollux needed to replenish himself with massive amounts of food whenever he used his super-speed.
  • Diminished Intellect: As Pollux was literally grown overnight, he lacked moral guidance and control over his super-speed powers.
  • Pollux was portrayed by John Wesley Shipp. He wore a blue costume patterned after that of the Flash, but with a chest insignia of a winged man holding a torch.
  • Pollux shares the name of the star and character in Greek Mythology who was also a twin to Castor(who subsequently also has a star based on him).



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