Power Boy was part of a new team of Teen Titans that came together under Beast Boy's command during a volatile time for the Titans. Powerboy is an abused boy from the hellish world of Apokolips, ruled by the evil Darkseid. Escaping from that hellish world with his only friend Little Barda. He uses a Father Box and is analogous to Power Girl in ways such as his dog named Kirby and wearing a similar costume with a chest window.

Teen Titans

After Superboy's tragic death at Superboy-Prime's hands,[1], the Teen Titans looked to bolster their ranks, so they asked the superpowered duo of Power Boy and Little Barda (who also came from Apokolips) to join the team. However, when the Teen Titans met Lex Luthor's new Infinity Inc. superhero team, their "team-up" resulted in the tragic death of Infinity team member, Eliza Harmon. At Eliza's funeral, Hotspot, Little Barda and Power Boy all quit the Teen Titans. After saying the Titans was not what they used to be. Power Boy and Little Barda then teleported away to parts unknown.


Power Boy saw Supergirl for the first time when Darkseid got her kidnapped and brainwashed.[2] Although he only got a brief glimpse of Kara before she was rescued by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, Power Boy got obsessed with the young Kryptonian, to the point he was unable to eat or sleep.[3]

Shortly after, Power Boy left Apokolips and followed Supergirl across the universe, observing her from far away and plastering his house's walls with pictures taken from her without her knowledge. Finally, when Supergirl was gravely wounded during a battle against meta-human pirates, Power Boy intervened to defeat her assailants and introduce himself.[4]

Since that point on, Power Boy looked for excuses to drop by Supergirl's apartment and hang out with her.[5] Supergirl seemed to find him charming, but Power Boy quickly showed he got jealous and possessive whenever she wasn't around.[6]

When Kara postponed a make-out session to visit a male friend in the hospital, Power Boy beat Supergirl unconscious, dragged her to his place, put her in power-dampening shackles and dumped her on his bed. When she came around, Power Boy revealed he was from Apokolips, had been folllowing her around for months, and he looked forward to take care of her because she needed someone to fix her. He was sorry for hitting her, but he argued it was her own blame for not listening to him.

Supergirl broke the shackles, beat him to the ground, lifted his house and dumped it on his head. Power Boy used a Father Box to teleport himself off world, but Supergirl caught up with him right when Power Boy was mumbling he wasn't done with stalking her. Supergirl hit him, declared she'd broke every bone in his body if he came near from her again, and crushed his Father Box.[7]

Power Boy would still send Supergirl flowers and a note explaining he forgave her and wanted to work their relationship out, but he'd never see her again.[8]

Teen Titans East

Despite Cyborg knowing about his violent breakup with Supergirl, Cyborg selected Power Boy to be a new member of the Superhero team Teen Titans East.

The night before his first meeting with the new team, he is shown to have had a consensual one night stand with an older female hero named Holly Granger.

During the teams first training session, all the new Teen Titans East members (Anima, Hawk & Dove, Lagoon Boy, Little Barda, Son of Vulcan, and Power Boy) are found critically wounded or killed. Power Boy, is badly burned, and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch at the hands of an unknown attacker. He was either killed by the New God killer, Infinity-Man, Or the Sons of Trigon, who at the time was simultaneously attacking all former and current Teen Titans members.[9]


  • Enhanced Apokoliptian Physiology: Due to being born on Apokolips and enhanced by Darkseid, Powerboy is stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens and most regular Apokoliptians.
  • Emotional Energy Projection: Feeling the emotions of others around him he gains abilities depending on the emotion. He's unleashed bolts of red lightning when absorbing anger.
  • Emotional Energy Constructs: Absorbing other emotions allows him to create constructs that don't seem to have a limit. He's been seen creating giant hands and protective shields.


  • Power Instability: Power Boy's emphatic powers can cause him to absorb negative emotions and lose control becoming violent. His emotional state can also cause his eyes to change colors, such a pink when feeling loved, and red when angry. It was likely that Power Boy absorbing Supergirl's kryptonite poisoning, combined with Dark Angel manipulating his and Kara's emotions via his Father Box caused the fight and break up between him and Supergirl.[10]


  • Father Box: (an Apokoliptian version of the Mother Box) that could communicate telepathically with him, heal his injuries, manipulate his life-force to sustain him past fatal wounds, create a hush-tube to teleport across great distances, and do many other things.
  • Powerboy has a pug dog named Kirby, which is analogous to Supergirl and Power Girl's cat Streaky. It's named after Jack Kirby, the creator of the Fourth World.



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