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Mister President, The First Teen President
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Martha Rickard (mother)
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United States Government
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President of the United States

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Steadfast, Middle America
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Prez Rickard earned his name from his mother Martha Rickard, who believed her son should someday be President of the United States of America. Having made the clocks of Steadfast, whose towers were so out of sync that the town heard a constant chiming, run on time, he was hired as a front for shady businessman Boss Smiley to run for United States Senator after the eligibility age was lowered. However, an idealist, Prez rebelled against Smiley. With 45% of voters under 30, the youthful Congress passed an amendment lowering the eligibility age for the presidency and Senator Rickard was voted President of the United States. He appointed his mother as Vice President and made his sister his secretary.

Prez is also friends with young Native American Eagle Free, who has a deep understanding of animals and subsequently appointed by Prez as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Throughout his life, Prez fought other foes aside from Boss Smiley range from legless vampires, a right-wing militia led by the descendant of George Washington, and evil chess players. He was attacked for his stance on gun control, and survived an assassination attempt during that controversy.

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