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Prime Earth was formed by the temporal merging of the disparate DC, Vertigo and WildStorm universes, in an effort by Pandora and The Flash to restore the Timestream to its intended nature, though it was later revealed to be Dr. Manhattan who manipulated these events.

The New 52

In this newly made universe, costumed crime fighters were a relatively new phenomenon, with Superman being the first super-powered hero to come to public knowledge. Since then, several other heroes came to the fore, with the formation of the Justice League. The success of the Justice League activities inspired the United Nations to create the government-sponsored team Justice League International.


The aftermath of the Darkseid War saw the return of Wally West, who was freed from the Speed Force by Barry Allen. With his return, he revealed that Prime Earth had been robbed of an entire decade of experiences and memories by some unknown force, and this was the reason the universe did not revert to the way it was before Flashpoint, and why everyone was ten years younger.[3]

According to Mister Mxyzptlk Superman had been split into two beings (New Earth and Prime Earth Superman) by a power beyond even his own.[4] At the end of the battle with Mxyzptlk, his son Jonathan remerged his father and mother with their Prime Earth counterparts. Mister Oz revealed that this action caused the New Earth and Prime Earth realities to merge into a new reality both familiar and new.[5]

In the aftermath of his battle with Mxyzptlk, Superman reviewed the records of his life at the Fortress of Solitude, but couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Superman later confided to Batman and Wonder Woman that he believed that his history had been twisted, shaped and reshaped.[6] He also expressed concern that this happened not just to him but to everyone.

Due to the actions of Hunter Zoloman, Wally West and Barry Allen, the force barrier was broken and it effected Prime Earth in currently unknown ways. Also, Barry's grandson Bart escaped the Speed Force.

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  • Despite the similarity in name, this universe bears no relation to the Pre-Crisis universe of Earth-Prime.
  • Prime Earth is opposite Earth 33 in the structure of the Multiverse, and is directly connected to the Rock of Eternity.
  • Prime Earth is one end of the "Axis of Creation" in the local Multiverse with Earth 33.
  • The merging of the New Earth and Prime Earth Supermen created a new continuity that is a mixture of New Earth and Prime Earth history.[7]
  • The history related for Superman in Action Comics #978 and Henshaw's own memories in Action Comics #980 shows that the new Prime-Earth's history is closer to that of New Earth than it originally was.
  • Prime Earth is at least 10 billion years old.[8] This makes it far older then the 4.5 billion years our Earth has existed.
  • According to the Green Lantern rings of 10 billion years ago, Prime Earth was the center of the Universe.[9]
  • For some reason, the history of the Green Lanterns remains mostly unchanged.
  • Booster Gold's origins seem to be about the same as his New Earth counterpart.

Retcons and Continuity

As the New 52 relaunch did not constitute a full reboot, several characters went on with their storylines with little changes.[10] However, there were some notable changes, including:


  • "Prime Earth" is the official name that Dan DiDio uses for this continuity.[27]

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