Priscilla Rich was raised with all the advantages one could hope for. Her wealth made her petty and vain, and susceptible to the madness common to those who are raised with delusions of societal importance.

The very existence of Wonder Woman drove Rich to seek out a means to elevate herself above the Amazon ambassador.

Soon, Rich embraced the belief that she could be possessed by the spirit of a cheetah, a spirit which would manifest itself when she clothed herself in the animal's skin. If she is indeed insane, the law claims she cannot be held accountable for her actions. Still, the law often fails to uphold justice.

Cheetah has been driven further into this identity by her continued defeats by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman herself has a strange compassion for this enemy, wishing to free her from the demon skin she wears.


  • Transformation: After drinking the blood of her pet cheetahs and sacrificing them to her "dark" gods she obtained powerful magical abilities that made her skin grow fur, her nails turned to claws and she obtained superhuman abilities.


  • Priscilla's costume is made of her dead pet cheetahs' fur. [1]



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