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Priscilla Rich was a New York socialite and actress who led the Junior League Committee for War Work during World War II. She came to resent the fame of the heroine Wonder Woman. Rich went so far to try and kill the Amazon during a fund-raising event. Thwarted and furious, Rich suffered a split personality in which she saw in a mirror a costumed version of herself. The image of herself inspired her to fashion a costume from a cheetah-skin rug, and get revenge on Wonder Woman as the Cheetah. Rich continue to bedeviled Wonder Woman until she retire from old age.

Rich was unofficially succeeded by Barbara Minerva and was not pleased by it. She publicly spoke out against Minerva, doing interviews and writings books on condemning her successor. Fatefully, Rich was murdered in her Massachusetts home by Minerva, under the urging of Zoom to solidify herself as the one true Cheetah.[1]




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