Professor Mazursky was a brilliant biochemist who worked under the auspices of the United States War Department during the 1940s. During World War II, Professor Mazursky was the administrator of a top secret government think tank known as Project M. His base of operations was a multi-level subterannean facility located beneath Bedloe's Island (later Liberty Island) and the Statue of Liberty. Under his charge, Project M was responsible for providing reporter Joan Dale with superhuman strength and agility, enabling her to take on the mantle of Miss America. Mazursky also spearheaded a program that transformed various mutants into superhuman soldiers. Led by a normal human named Lieutenant Matthew Shrieve, these soldiers became known as the Creature Commandos. One of Mazursky's most enduring legacies however was the creation of J.A.K.E. I - an autonomous, fully-functioning android. Assisting him on this project was robotics expert Chuck Grayson. J.A.K.E. I. was sent to Dinosaur Island for training, and was later deployed under the code name the G.I. Robot. A later model was developed and became known as J.A.K.E. II. Despite his advancing years, Mazursky survived well into the modern era, and was responsible for reviving a new team of Creature Commandos patterned after the World War II unit.