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"Cross, Star, Moon, Shapes in the Sand": Sophie Bangs is back in New York and while walking to college notices her former best friend Stacia.

Quote1 I’ve been appointed Promethea by the highest power there is! And what, you think just because you’ve got your dykey little crush on Grace, all that changes? Quote2
-- Sophie Bangs

Appearing in "Cross, Star, Moon, Shapes in the Sand"

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Agent Karen Breughel
  • Agent Lucille Ball
  • Jack Faust (a magician)




Synopsis for "Cross, Star, Moon, Shapes in the Sand"

Sophie Bangs is back in New York and while walking to college notices her former best friend Stacia.

At first, Stacia ignores Sophie and walks on. However, Sophie confronts her friend, explaining that she is back and can takeover as Promethea again.

Stacia disagrees and reveals that Sophie is actually speaking to Grace, as Grace and Stacia have melded together as one personality, they're in love with each other. She, or rather they, want to continue being Promethea.

Sophie asserts herself in reclaiming her status as the protector of this era, but Grace/Stacia continue to ignore her wishes, until the situation escalates with them fighting one another in their guises as Promethea.

Their battle is in public and soon being watched on the news by F.B.I. agents Karen Breughel and Lucille Ball.

The two agents rush to the scene where the Prometheas are lying on the ground, knocked out.

Meanwhile, from the Immateria the previous Prometheas; Margaret, Bill and Anna open up a giant dimensional doorway and reach out to grab the two fallen heroes and take them out of the world. Agents Breughel and Ball witness this and stand shocked.


  • This book was first published on December 26, 2002.
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