Promethium is the name given to two metal alloys: "Depleted" and "Volatile" Promethium.


Promethium is the name given to two metal alloys: "Depleted" and "Volatile" Promethium.

Depleted promethium

Depleted promethium was invented and patented by Steve Dayton of Dayton Industries.

When alloyed with titanium and vanadium, it forms a near-invulnerable metal. The bionic and cybernetic components of Cyborg (Victor Stone) are made out of depleted promethium, and Arsenal of the Justice League of America wears a bodysuit that combines both depleted promethium and Kevlar.

Volatile promethium

Promethium is also capable of generating and absorbing near-limitless amounts of energy, and so can be used as a power source for many gadgets. However, this "volatile promethium" is a dangerous mutagen that can be used to mutate living beings or trigger their metagene. Dayton used it when creating the super-powered criminals known as Hybrid. Deathstroke the Terminator's mesh armour, sword and staff are made (either wholly or in part) of volatile promethium. He is likely able to use these weapons without suffering the negative sides effects as a result of his healing factor.


  • The Marvel Comics Universe also has a metal called Promethium.
  • There is a real life element called Promethium, but its properties are nothing like those of the fictional metal.[1]
  • Promethium acts as exaggerated version of uranium.

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