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In 1969 Vietnam, 1st Lieutenant Peter Randall leads his squad to a North Vietnamese base camp. Determined to take the camp, Randall has one of his men Hometown to accompany him inside the camp's tunnel where the Vietnamese are.

Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

  • Peter Randall
  • Ella Garcia
  • McKlusky

Supporting Characters:

  • Red (Dies) (1968)
  • Big Balls (Dies) (1968)
  • Skully (Dies) (1968)
  • Hometown (Dies) (1968)
  • General Stillwell (1968)
  • Costello (Dies) (1969)
  • Hammerhead (1969)
  • CJ (Dies) (1969)


  • The Infected
  • Hunters

Other Characters:

  • Likens (Dies)




Synopsis for the 1st Story

In 1969 Vietnam, 1st Lieutenant Peter Randall leads his squad to a North Vietnamese base camp. Determined to take the camp, Randall has one of his men Hometown to accompany him inside the camp's tunnel where the Vietnamese are.

Meanwhile, squad members Big Balls and Skully investigate a munitions room where they talk about Randall's personality and die-hard commitment on his mission and violent sentiment. Skully then ignorantly pick up a box which Balls tries to stop him, but triggers a trap and causing a explosion which kills them.

The explosion alerted Randall, Hometown and the Vietnamese. Losing their covert surprise, Randall immediately throws a phosphorous grenade, incinerating the Vietnamese, much to Hometown's shock. Randall then kills the survivors and he and Hometown acquire everything that is needed and head back up. After learning of Skully and Big Balls' death, Randall and the squad are surprise to see arriving American helicopters. Randall is greeted from out of one of the helicopters by General Stillwell, who informs him that he is needed for reassignment. Randall, confused, ask him why, which Stillwell answers that everything will be explained before suddenly killing Randall's remaining men.

In 2008 Manhattan, NYPD detectives McKlusky and Ella Garcia, who are on the case of supposed serial killer Alex Mercer, are called in to investigate multiple homicides of homeless people in a commune in an disused subway tunnel. There the two are needed to be dressed in hazard suits and discover that the entire commune are slaughter in massive piles. They learned from a forensic scientist that the slaughtered victims were killed by some kind of unrecognizable animal/creature, given the study of the severe wounds and a bloody footprint trail that are founded on the wall.

Back in 1969, Lieutenant Randall leads a black ops team in Hope, Idaho where they are to contain a viral outbreak. After dropping off from their helicopter, the team discover that the town is entirely deserted, which Randall states that they know their presence. The team approaches a supermarket and finds corpses littered inside. They then discovered their enemies are on the market's rooftop, which they are infected hunters. The beleaguered team (except for Randall) fights off the infected but more are keep appearing. It is during the conflict that Randall reveals that their mission is to procure their intended target and escape before the town of Hope is destroyed. After losing their radioman Likens from the infected, the team made their escape after exploding some cars to hinder the infected. Team-member Costello tracks their target on a map and leads his team to manhole where the sewer will lead them to a secret bunker. As they proceed to the bunker, Costello shares his distrust to Randall given to the fact he and his men were told that what they are containing was a minor outbreak. Randall only replies he is surprise as his men are.

After finding the bunker, they find themselves in front of a locked blast door. As they attempt to unseal it, a lone surviving scientist is loading the REDLIGHT virus behind the blast door. As he awaits for them, the infected contained in stasis tubes within the room, breaks out. Randall's team manage to open the door, but the scientist is killed. The team again fight more infected and causing them to lose more their men. They manage to procure the REDLIGHT virus (their procurement) and fight their way, but only to find themselves confronted by infected pregnant women.


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