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Proty was a member of the Proteans, a race of shape changing creatures that could assume virtually any form and communicate via telepathy. Proty that lived in a space zoo and was captured by criminals. Proty was freed by the Legion of Super-Heroes and was adopted as a pet by Chameleon Boy.

Later, Proty would sacrifice its life when the Legion was attempting to restore their deceased comrade Lightning Lad. When they discovered a means to restore their fallen comrade, but at the cost of one of their own lives, Proty would disguise itself as Saturn Girl, and sacrifice its own life. The Legion would not learn of the deception until after Lightning Lad was restored to life.

Proty's soul had taken over Garth's body during the resurrection and Proty lived as Garth, something which was not discovered until 20 years later.[1]



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