Psyklops was a member of the Dark Destroyer's crew on board his ship, who operates as a sort of psychic vampire, mentally feeding off the pain of the victims he tortures. When Christopher Champion (Tempest) was taken by the Dark Destroyer and nearly beaten to death, he was handed over to Psyklops for his personal enjoyment. Morphea, who felt Christopher's pain while he was being tortured, went on board the Dark Destroyer's ship to rescue Martin's son from Psyklops. He attempted to destroy her by locking her in a childhood memory she had of being punished on her homeworld by the Hive Mother for her daring to say that she was lonely. But Morphea managed to fight back and caused Psyklops to feel more pain than he could possibly bear, incapacitating him while she carried Christopher safely back to Scanner One.


Psyklops had telepathic abilities that allowed him to feed off the pain that he feels from his victims, and also to lock his victims into reliving painful past memories, as with the case of Morphea.


A sensory overload of pain can weaken him.