The Puzzler was a hostile British competitor in crime against Edward Nigma, "the Riddler," one of Batman's long-standing enemies. He specialized in technology-oriented crimes with a Shakespearean motif, his favorite outfits were similar to those worn by Edwardian dandies, and his favorite trick was secret writing.

The Puzzler was portrayed by Royal Shakespeare Company repertory artist Maurice Evans. Mr. Evans would later portray the villainous Dr. Zaius the orangutan in the first two of the Planet Of The Apes feature films for 20th-Century Fox Film Corporation, through which studio Batman was produced.

  • "The Puzzles Are Coming"/"The Duo Is Slumming" was originally written for the Riddler, but when Frank Gorshin's contract dispute negated his availability to play the part, the episode was rewritten for an original character called Mr. Conundrum, [1] who would later become the Puzzler after ABC had gained permission from DC Comics to use this name (Superman had once fought a villain called the Puzzler).
  • The original Riddler episode (see previous footnote) was originally titled "A Penny For Your Riddles"/"They're Worth A Lot More."[2]



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