Quote1 With the right amount of genius and a touch of perceived insanity, science can conquer anything. Quote2
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Querl Dox, or Brainiac 5, was a Coluan member of the Legion of Super-Heroes with a supremely advanced intellect. While his ancestor Brainiac was a supervillain, Brainiac 5 strove to atone for the misdeeds of his lineage[1].

On the accepted galactic intelligence scale, the average Earthling is a sixth-level intellect. The average Coluan is a ten, but Brainiac 5 is a twelve. This is something he inherited from the original Brainiac, and his son, Vril Dox II alias Brainiac 2, who freed the people of Colu from slavery to the Computer Tyrants[2].

After Lyrl Dox, alias Brainiac 3 the "Brainiac" title fell into such notoriety that the family did not use the name for centuries. In the late 30th century, Kajz Dox, Brainiac 5's father picked up the mantle and named himself Brainiac 4. His father died and he was orphaned as a child at age twelve he took the title of Brainiac 5[3].

Making many breakthroughs in the science of time-travel as a boy thanks to his mentor Circadia Senius, Brainiac 5 was invited to join the Time Institute in Metropolis on Earth, he declined Senius' offer to become his assistant, and also turned down Phantom Girl, who suggested he join the Legion[4].

He became close friends with fellow time genius, Rond Vidar. He invented the Time Bubble, which became the primary mode of time travel for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

While using a Time Viewer to see the dawn of time, the Green Lantern Corps attacked him, but he was saved by the newly formed Legion. Impressed by the team, and using his code name of Brainiac 5, he tried out and joined the Legion alongside Supergirl. He went on to collaborate with the Invisible Kid to invent the Legion Flight Ring using an isotope he discovered with Mon-El[5].

Over time Brainiac 5 began to show signs of mental instability, the first signs apeared during his first term as Legion leader[6]. He invented Computo, which rebelled and caused trouble for the Legion, including cause the death of one of Triplicate Girl's bodies[7]. Ironically, Computo was defeated by his creation of a Bizarro Computo[8]. Then he was targeted by an android created by the Computer Tyrants that were overthrown by his ancestor[9]. This android took the name Pulsar Stargrave and pretended to be Brainiac 5's long-lost father[10].

Pulsar Stargrave drove Brainiac 5 insane which led him to frame his teammate and tried Ultra Boy for the murder of his former girlfriend, An Ryd[11]. In truth, Pulsar Stargrave had murdered An Ryd, the truth of which was eventually discovered by Chameleon Boy and Ultra Boy was exonerated for the crime[12].

After sometime Brainiac 5 had gone truly mad and his unrestrained genius created two powerful threats. He accidentally transformed his friend, Professor Jaxon Rugarth, into the all-powerful Infinite Man[13]. Then he used the Controllers' Miracle Machine to create the virtually unstoppable Omega[14]. The Legion called in the former Legionnaire Matter-Eater Lad, was able to consume the Miracle Machine and stop Omega, but at the cost of his own sanity. Following this case, both Brainiac 5 and Matter-Eater Lad were remanded to psychiatric care[15].

Brainiac 5 was released after sometime but was not welcomed back into the Legion. He chose to lead the Legion of Substitute Heroes against the League of Super-Assassins, which with his guidance defeated them[16] and with the help of Saturn Girl's Telepathy purged his mind of lingering childhood trauma[17].

After all the help he received, Brainiac 5 committed himself to curing Matter-Eater Lad's insanity. He was successful and the pair fully rejoined the Legion[18].

When Danielle Foccart was brought to him for the treatment of a rare neurological disorder, the girl's body was possessed by Computo[19]. He defeated his creation again rescuing the young girl[20].

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Brainiac 5 used the Miracle Machine to transport Superman back to Earth during Darkseid's attack.[21]


  • Coluan Physiology
    • Enhanced Intellect: Querl has a "12th-level intellect", which grants him superhuman calculation skills, amazing memory and exceptional technical know-how. This increased intellect gives him superior calculating abilities, an encyclopedic memory and innovating scientific knowledge. By concentrating the power and disciplined nature of his mighty mind he safely operated the extra-dimensional device known as the Miracle Machine, which converts thoughts into reality. Using it, he successfully repelled the Dark Circle armies - repairing all the damage caused by the invasion - and completed the construction of the new Legion HQ. He has played three-dimensional chess against three powerful computers, added up every number in a math textbook in seconds, retained his memories and clarity of thought after being de-aged into a toddler, resisted illusion-assisted brainwashing, resisted hypnotism and adapted many inventions and experiments. By comparison, 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a "6th-Level" intelligence. 31st century Earth as a whole is a "9th-Level" intelligence. Although most Coluans have a "10th level" intellect, Querl is considered a prodigy, that possibly comes along once in a millennium.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): As a Legionnaire, Brainiac 5 has participated in Legion combat training and is an adequate hand-to-hand combatant. He has also learned extensive amounts of personal combat due to his studies of Karate Kid.[22]


  • Force Field Belt: Brainiac 5's primary invention is his personal force-shield generator. Brainiac 5 re-discovered the technical process behind original Brainiac's force-shield belt, which is capable of generating a virtually impervious field of protection. The belt must be attuned to the vibratory rate of its user before it can work. While activated, Brainiac 5's movement is not impeded. The belt has been speculated to break down exhaled carbon dioxide and liberate more oxygen enabling Brainy to breathe the same air repeatedly while in the field. The force-shield has been penetrated by sufficient powerful solar-energies, and while inside the protective barrier, he is vulnerable to being shaken within. The life of the force-shield belt is shortened radically when taken back through the time barrier and into the past, if it is in a position of compromising unalterable history. Brainiac 5 has adapted the workings of his force-shield belt to produce a force ray, a modified form of the force-field projector circuit, which can drill through walls. He has also hooked it up to a force-blaster and projected a force-shield around the entire clubhouse.


  • Brainiac 5 is also known as Brainy.
  • Brainiac 6 has an encyclopedic knowledge of Batman.[22]



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