Rachel Steel is Tranquility's town doctor, and a Maxi. Her powers are linked to perception, giving her the ability to see through objects and to enhance her eyesight to see small details. These powers are precise enough to allow her to perform a complete murder autopsy without making a single incision, or even touching the body. She preformed such an autopsy on Mister Articulate in such a manner after his murder.[1] Use of this power causes her eyes to glow, and she claims it causes her enough pain to require the use of marijuana.[2] She is not the highest ranking doctor in Tranquility, but is apparently the only one with powers.

Dr. Steel attended Mayor Fury's homecoming party with Deputy Troy as her date. When Mister Articulate appeared, she performed a second visual autopsy on him, concluding that he was healthier than he was at the time of his murder.[3]


Enhanced Vision: Dr. Steel is able to enhance her vision to levels beyond human capabilities including X-Ray Vision and Microscopic Vision. She is able to perceive minute details, but cannot make out individual genetic strands.