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Rag Doll began his career as a solo thief. He immediately caught the eye of Catwoman who saw her competition as a threat. Rag Doll and Catwoman instantly had a rivalry, and the Batman's interferance was not helpful either.

When trying to steal lost emeralds the Gotham Clock Tower, he got caught in one of the gears and lost the emeralds to Batman. He was then taken to jail for the first time.

Sometime later, Rag Doll escaped from jail and agreed to join a new supervillian gang called Team Penguin.

The gang got along well until they realized they were only stealing penguin themed items. Rag Doll attempted to quit, but Penguin threatened them with the newly transformed Killer Moth. Rag Doll, with the rest of Team Penguin, was defeated by Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Rag Doll was taken to jail again.




  • Rag Doll's Motorcycle



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