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Quote1 I finally know what I'm gonna do with my new power. I'm gonna use it to be the man that dad wanted me to be -- the man you always wished I was. I'll still do what I can for the environment, but -- until you're back on your feet, Frank -- there'll still be a crime-fighter in our family. And no one but you will know my secret. Quote2
-- Ramon Raymond src


Ramon Raymond was a marine biologist and environmentalist working in California and living with his girlfriend Amelia. During one ocean expedition, he was exposed to a strange glowing green substance and gained the ability to transform himself into living hard water. Immediately forced to use these new abilities to protect his girlfriend from pirates, he began calling himself Aquaman. His brother Frank Raymond, a member of the LAPD, was shot in the leg and crippled as revenge for the arrests caused by Aquaman when he was followed. Deciding that this was a sign of his higher calling, he decided to use his new powers to more permanently become a crime-fighter. Discovered by the villainous Reverend Darrk as a potential threat to his plans, the two men were attacked by the Church of Eternal Empowerment although they escaped when Aquaman's abilities were underestimated.[1]


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