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Rampotatek aka The Hat is a young Japanese man who became suffused with the power of a demon. He was recruited by the psychic Manchester Black to join his team of heroes known as The Elite. The Hat worked with his cohorts on various missions but later came into conflict with Superman on several occasions. Hat and the rest of the team were defeated and stripped of their powers leaving them humiliated and broken.

After Manchester Black killed himself and his sister Vera took over, she volunteered the team for a mad scheme to try and take over the world. The scheme was a ploy to get the people of the world to unite and thus stop the Earth from destroying itself in a suicidal rage.

After the Earth was calmed, most of the Elite were absorbed into a new branch of the Justice League called the Justice League Elite. The Hat, however, was rejected from the recruitment and has not been seen since.


The Hat was a powerful Earth elemental, with a measure of invulnarability and an ability to breathe fire.


The Hat: Rampotek main source of Magic when in human form. He uses it to conjure demons and cast other spells. He also uses the hat to conjure various alcholic drinks.



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