Quote1 I haven't fully mastered this E.S.P. faculty of mine! If I'm to be of any help to Jason, I must gain control of it! Quote2
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Randu Singh is the U.N. delegate of India[1][2] and long time friend of Jason Blood, often helping Blood deal with supernatural encounters using his own mystic mind techniques. Randu was the first person to learn Jason's secret that he harboured a demonic alter-ego.

When the U.N. was investigating the Cult of the Master-Eye, the High One attempted to assassinate Randu by secretly conditioning his friend Harry Matthews into reverting to the violent form and personality of a past-life; a pirate named, "Pistol". Fortunately, Randu had procured one of the Cult's charms, allowing him to revert Harry back. When the Cult sent Mord the executioner to finish the job, Randu invoked the Demon to save Jason's life, but Etrigan nearly turned on Randu afterwards. Randu's ESP later discerned how to change Etrigan back to his friend.[3]

Randu continued to assist his friend in any way possible, researching the Kamara,[4] protecting his secret when Klarion nearly exposed him,[5] and searching for Glenda Mark when she was kidnapped by the Phantom of the Sewers.[6] When Jason was abducted by the merciless Baron von Rakenstein, Randu sought aid at the Institute of Parapsychology from his former professor, Alan Hunter. Together, with the strong psychic powers of Janie Welles, they managed to locate the source of the trouble.[7][8][9]

When Etrigan first encountered Batman following a mutual case, it was Randu's powers that were invaluable to the case. From a mere police sketch of the reported monster, Randu was able to see visions of the past, and the fateful day Jack Hobbs became the lava creature that had started stalking Gotham. With Dobbs' intended fate revealed, Etrigan was able to recover the original noose and hanged the undead monster, putting his soul to rest.[10] Randu later offered to aid Batman in the fight against Tenzin Wyatt's rampaging Mahakala tulpa after Jason refused to help. Although Randu's abilities were useful, it was Etrigan who defeated the tulpa in the end.[11][12]


  • Magic/Eye of Kharma: A mystic art Randu referred to as, "a sort of manipulation of destiny!" Similar to ESP, it allowed him to focus on an object or person to create reliable mental images of remote events.[1]
  • Clairvoyance: Randu could receive mental images of remote events in real time through focus.[1]
  • Psychic Link: Randu was able to speak through Jason from across the Atlantic to summon Etrigan.[1]
  • Telepathy: Etrigan could hear Randu in his head much like Merlin's voice.[4]
  • Retrocognition: Randu has even been able to see visions of past events by focusing on objects connected to the event.[10]


  • Wrestling: Randu and Jason were sparing partners in some form of wrestling. They continued to spar even after he lost his eyesight to no disadvantage.
  • Diplomacy: A requirement of being a U.N. delegate for India, Randu was also a confidant and voice of reason to his friends.[1]
  • Military Protocol: Randu served in the Indian Army.[6]
  • Medicine: He served as a medic, and patched up Jason once.[6]


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Jack Kirby introduced Randu's wife only once in Demon #1, naming her Gomali. She has a non-speaking, one panel cameo appearance in Demon (Volume 3) #23 and as a flashback in Demon (Volume 3) #4 by Alan Grant. In Blood of the Demon, John Byrne used Randu's wife frequently, but named her Anjeli. It is not know if she is supposed to be the same woman, however, due to the time manipulating nature of the latter series, it's canon status is fluid.
  • It's never mentioned why Randu lived in Gotham City when the United Nations is in New York City.
  • Though never mentioned, it is presumed Randu is a Sikh as he always wears a turban.
  • Randu was almost killed by the doppelgänger Jason Blood created by Klarion.[13]



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