Randy was a member of a group of kryptonite infected metahumans who attended Chloe Sullivan's group therapy session at the Isis Foundation. When citizens of Metropolis were being stalked by a mysterious serial killer, including one of the group members, Mary Pierson, Randy pretended to be the killer so as to acquire the attention he always wanted. He later attacked Davis Bloome and Jimmy Olsen, before escaping at the sight of Clark Kent. Jimmy and Clark searched for the shadow creature. Clark used his x-ray vision to see through Randy's invisibility and then knocked Randy out by throwing a large tire at him with incredible force and speed. After Randy was knocked out, Jimmy shot his photo. Randy was taken into custody, but Tess' assistant asked him to join Tess' team of "superheroes" that was started a few weeks before, with Bette Sans Souci. Later, it was revealed that Davis Bloome was the serial killer.




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