Quote1 Put no hand on me, sirrah! Quote2
-- The Raven src

The Raven was a famous highway bandit living in England around the time of the American Revolutionary War. Although his crimes were very high-profile, he maintained a masked identity. One day he accosted a nobleman, Edward, Duke of Albion, and the man's wife Eliza. His intentions were to rob them of their money and possessions, rape the lady and murder all the witnesses. Suddenly a Kryptonian Rocket crashed nearby and an alien named Gar-El emerged from it. Seeing the trouble, he intervened and put the Raven down. This was the first physical encounter with the being who would go on to become the greatest champion of the British empire, and then dictator of the world.[1]

  • Although they share the same name, this Elseworlds character has nothing to do with Raven of the Teen Titans. He also seems to bear no resemblance to any other character in the Superman mythos, which the story Legacy is based upon.



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