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Charles Great Eagle
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Little Raven
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Man-Of-Bats (father)
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Originally the kid sidekick and son of Man-of-Bats from John Mayhew's Club of Heroes, he has grown up and taken the name of Raven Red.

Raven Red's opinion on how to fight crime eventually began to differ from his father's. While he appreciated his father's need to help the people of the community, he longed to do some big-league crime fighting against real super villains. As if his wish were granted, he and his father were almost immediately targeted by the Leviathan. Batman arrived to help, since they were only being targeted due to their association with him. Together, Batman, Man-of-Bats, and Raven Red were able to foil Leviathan's attempt on their lives. Man-of-Bats and Raven Red both suffered injuries, but Raven developed a new respect for his father.

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