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Formerly the hero known as Atom of his Earth, Ray Palmer somehow gained the ability to control light, much like the Ray. He kept his size-changing belt as well. He was forcefully summoned by Monarch to fight in his Arena and battled Apollo of Earth-50 and the Ray of Earth-10. He helps (and tricks) the Earth-10 Ray escape the arena, forcing Monarch to kill Palmer's Earth-10 variant. When Apollo became berserk from absorbing the amount of radiation from the Arena and attacks Ray in thinking that he was Monarch, Palmer then traveled into Apollo's head and blasts him from the inside-out, defeating him, but leaving him alive. The Ray then assumes his place in Monarch's Army but not before swearing to Monarch that he will find a way to "bring him down".


  • Photokinesis: Palmer is able to control light.
  • Size Alteration: Palmer can still change his size to a sub-atomic height through the use of his belt.


  • Size-Changing Belt


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