Ray Terrill was a Nazi "superhero" of Earth-10 and was among those of the alternate beings kidnapped by Monarch to be recruited in his army. Terrill cares more for himself (and his world) than for the other prisoners. When Terrill was brought to the Arena to fight his counterparts (Ray "the Ray" Palmer and Apollo of Earth-50) he immediately attempted to fly out of the arena, but was stopped by a force field.

He then decided to attack his combatants, blinding Apollo with a blast of light. However, Ray Palmer reasoned with the Nazi Ray and helped him to escape the arena. After breacking through the Arena's barrier, Monarch who was overseeing his Arena from the outside, killed the Nazi for violating his rule of forbidding any escape.


The Ray is able to control light

  • Oddly, the Ray of Earth-10 shown in 52 #52 was fighting alongside Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. It is possible that this Ray is Ray Terril, as his costume resembles the New Earth Ray Terril's new uniform. The heroic Ray was possibly Happy Terril, his father (he is shown wearing the costume of the original Ray).