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Quote1 It was time to step out into the light. Quote2
-- The Ray src

History of character is unknown.


  • Light Absorption: Ray has the ability to absorb light, storing it for later uses. Once his body absorbs natural light (as sunlight) or artificial light, he can direct the energy to rearrange molecules into any form, matter or energy.[1]
  • Light Processing: He can also produce light from his own body which powers light projection and flight.[1]
  • Flight: Ray has the ability to fly, without artificial means. Require only minimum power and subliminal thought.[1]
  • Light Rays: The ability to project rays, beams, and bolts of destructive light. Require only minimum power and subliminal thought.[1]
  • Hard Light Constructs: A power to create constructs out of pure light similar to a Green Lantern's constructs. It requires only minimum power and subliminal thought. Larger and more complicated manipulations of energy and matter require extended meditation and more power.[1]
  • Illusions: Ray can 'bend' light to create illusions.[1]
  • Invisibility: The ability to 'bend' light around himself or others, rendering him (or others) invisible to the naked eye.[1]



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