Quote1 There are many kinds of anger. In this case, I believe my rage was righteous. Quote2
-- Razer src

A soldier on his homeworld, Razer was part of a band of militiamen seeking to oust the corrupt warlords who periodically raided their villages. One day, Razer returned home from battle to discover his beloved Ilana had been murdered while he'd been away. Overcome with grief and self-loathing, Razer could not resist the power of the Red Power Ring that found him and was inducted into the Red Lantern Corps.

Razer rose quickly, some might say too quickly, through the ranks of the Red Lanterns and soon held a place of honor at Atrocitus' side alongside Zilius Zox. Atrocitus sent Razer and Zilius on a mission to kill Frontier Green Lanterns in preparation for an oncoming invasion of their forces into Guardian Space.





  • Razer is similar to the character John Moore. Both are Red Lanterns who have rage because of the death of a loved one, and both change their ways.
  • Its suggested that his belief that Aya may have survived in some way made him a candidate for a Blue Lantern ring.



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