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"Star Light, Star Bright -- First Star I Kill Tonight!": While Roy Harper and Starfire sleep together in their hotel room, Jason Todd attempts to have a successful date with the stewardess he met earlier. This

Quote1 It has been years since I have been aboard the Starfire. Despite whatever horrors we will no doubt face, it is nice to be home. Quote2
-- Starfire

Appearing in "Star Light, Star Bright -- First Star I Kill Tonight!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Crew of the Starfire
    • Orn (First appearance)
    • K'tten (First appearance)
    • Depalo (First appearance)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Star Light, Star Bright -- First Star I Kill Tonight!"

While Roy Harper and Starfire sleep together in their hotel room, Jason Todd attempts to have a successful date with the stewardess he met earlier. This proves to be a challenge, as he has to hide his true personality from her for obvious reasons. Unexpectedly, the date is ruined when a massive alien bruiser calling himself Orn crashes through the wall. Jason's guns do little damage, and he hopes that Starfire will come to his rescue. When she does, it becomes apparent that Orn was actually looking for her. Not only that, but Starfire knows him personally.

Orn explains that Starfire's home planet of Tamaran is in peril. Though her people have made no illusions about their disdain for the princess Koriand'r, Starfire decides that she must go and help. Jason and Roy are surprised, but they are determined to go with her. All the while, Jason's date begins to regret ever having accepted a date with him.

Within moments, they find themselves on a battle ship in quantum space in orbit around Tamaran. Orn takes Starfire to the bridge leaving Jason and Roy behind. Roy struggles to remember the name of the girl Jason was on a date with, and Jason realizes that she has been transported with them, effectively thwarting any plan he had to keep her separated from his double life. Isabel complains that she ought to have been warned about his true nature earlier, eventually allowing the weight of these events to be expelled in the form of an ear-piercing scream, which reverberates its way to the bridge.

Kori is happy to be back aboard the ship known as Starfire. Her old crew remains, with her replacement Depalo, a Dominator, returning her Commander's Chair to her. The reunion is interrupted by Jason, who bursts onto the bridge demanding that Isabel be sent home. Unfortunately, she would be dispersed into the ether if they were to try to send her back to earth without a safe port to dock in. In any case, Kori gives her word that the girl will not be harmed.

Depalo explains that less than three days ago, The Blight sent a first wave attack against the Tamaranean Capital. Strangely, they have taken out all of the planet's primary defence shields, but nothing else. The Blight is known for its tendency to destroy entire civilizations. It seems then, as if they are waiting for something.

Just then, the ship is attacked, and Koriand'r opens a communications channel to their enemies. She offers that if they lay down their weapons, she may allow them to live. If they reject it, her generous offer will be rescinded.

Appearing in "Better to Burn Out - Than to Rage Away"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Untitled

Other Characters:

  • Midalia Alvarez (Dies)



  • Life Hammer


Synopsis for "Better to Burn Out - Than to Rage Away"

Somewhere in Colorado, a member of the Untitled has used a member of its own in order to find an object called the Life Hammer. Having broken several convicts out of prison earlier that day for the purpose of this operation, he has them hold her back while he kills her.

As they make their escape, they are watched and pursued by Essence, the last daughter of the Untitled, who is sworn to destroy them. She kills the convicts, but the Untitled catches her by surprise. He warns that some of them have decided to take action since she and the Red Hood have apparently declared war on them.

Though this is not exactly true, the bold move by the Untitled pushes Essence to vow never to let them use the Life Hammer against humanity - if she survives this night, anyway.


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  • The title is a reference to an old nursery rhyme which begins, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight."

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