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Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 1 16

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"Family Matters": Despite the murderous intent of the gang of homeless people converging on them, Arsenal, Starfire and the Teen Titans agree - if begrudgingly - that they should not simply kill their attacker

Quote1 Sure, I'd like to think I turned out okay...That I am the best me I can be. But if I can keep them from messing up as bad as I did? Why the hell not? Quote2
-- Arsenal

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Synopsis for "Family Matters"

Despite the murderous intent of the gang of homeless people converging on them, Arsenal, Starfire and the Teen Titans agree - if begrudgingly - that they should not simply kill their attackers, clinging to the faint hope that the Joker Venom affecting them is not permanently effective.

Using her superior strength, Wonder Girl manages to force the horder back into their housing development, paving the way for Kid Flash to speedily board the door shut - which only proves marginally effective. Even so, Roy decides that it would be best for both teams and the missing team-mates they care about - Red Robin and Red Hood - if they pool resources.

Using his advanced technology, Roy analyses a blood sample from one of the vagrants and discovers that a nearby warehouse contains all of the counter-synthetics they will need to make an anti-toxin. He sends the Titans with Starfire to get them, while he and Bunker fight back the increasingly aggressive crowd of homeless people by themselves.

As he holds the line, Roy thinks back on how he has changed in just a short while. A while back, Killer Croc had dragged him down into the sewer and given him a place to stay in one of the Toyman's old hideouts - but the condition of staying there would be to stay with program; to stay in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Meanwhile, as they rush toward the warehouse, Starfire and Solstice converse. Already sensing that Solstice is hiding something in particular, Starfire suggests that she should tell her friends about it. The girl states that she will tell them at the time of her choosing, but not before.

The Titans arrive at the warehouse, and discover that the Joker knew they would get there eventually, and left a bomb with a two-second timer waiting for them. Fortunately, Bart is fast enough to get them all to safety. Not only that, he managed to rescue the crates of counter-synthetics before he had even saved the girls.

Worrying for their own safety, Roy has been reduced to swinging his bow around, and asks Bunker whether his bricks can be used for anything other than punching. Thinking on it, Bunker realizes that he can do more than that, and builds a wall to protect them, using all of his focus.

Elsewhere, in St. Louis, Dr. Hugo Strange holds a book signing for his latest publication, and relishes the opportunity to toy with his soon-to-be victims.

Bart and the ladies return with the anti-toxin, administering it quickly with Bart's super-speed, despite his fear of needles. Though it takes a while, all of the inoculated vagrants soon return to normal - as normal as the homeless can be, anyway.

Elsewhere, Deathstroke has been hired to kill Red Hood and his companions - though he would certainly be willing to do it for free, in their case.

Meanwhile, the Joker prepares something special for Jason.


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