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Red Lanterns Vol 1 15


Red Lanterns Vol 1 15

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"Waking The Past": In Sector 666, Zilius Zox and Skallox are looking at an arm of a Red Lantern who was killed by the Third Army. Zilius believes that Atrocitus will find a way to beat them, th

Quote1 You. You instruments of the Guardians' evil. You bringers of death and despair. You... Manhunters. Quote2
-- Atrocitus

Appearing in "Waking The Past"

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Synopsis for "Waking The Past"

In Sector 666, Zilius Zox and Skallox are looking at an arm of a Red Lantern who was killed by the Third Army. Zilius believes that Atrocitus will find a way to beat them, though Skallox wasn't so sure about it. While on Ryut, Atrocitus is seeing the massacre of his home planet again, but this time decides to attack them. However a space creature was the cause of revealing his dream, Atrocitus uses the creature's blood to resurrect the Manhunters to use against the Third Army.

On Earth, Rankorr goes to see his brother Ray Moore, much to Bleez's objection. The brother is scared of his appearance and begs him to leave. Rankorr gets enraged and wants to kill Baxter for causing all this. Back on Ryut, Atrocitus uses his blood to awaken the Manhunters. In Sector 990, Dex-Starr enters the Penal Settlement 004 and attacks one of the workers. Back on Earth, Baxter was protected by a police officer, but that didn't stop Rankorr arriving at the scene. He was shocked to see that he earlier burned the officer's face. Though feeling sorry, Rankorr still decides to want Baxter. On Ysmault, the Red Lantern Central Power Battery was not still responding with the blood of Zilius and Skallox, Ratchet provides some theories of why it isn't working, while the Inversions were underground overhearing him and tells among themselves that they are all wrong. On Ryut, the Manhunters fire at Atrocitus.


  • This book was first published on January 2, 2013.
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