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Red Lanterns Vol 1 5


Red Lanterns Vol 1 5

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"Kronamania": Furious at the apparent theft of Krona's corpse, Atrocitus immediately blames and attacks Bleez. She protests her complete disinterest in Krona's "moldy old corpse", but as Atrocitus believes that they two are the only ones on Ysmault capable of any plotting, it takes Bleez's sugge

Quote1 Krona. My enemy. Cold embodiment of all my hatred and anguish. He who slaughtered my race. He who was himself slaughtered by the Green Lantern named Hal Jordan. Quote2
-- Atrocitus

Appearing in "Kronamania"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Raymond Moore (Dies)


  • Small Ockdon



Synopsis for "Kronamania"

Furious at the apparent theft of Krona's corpse, Atrocitus immediately blames and attacks Bleez. She protests her complete disinterest in Krona's "moldy old corpse", but as Atrocitus believes that they two are the only ones on Ysmault capable of any plotting, it takes Bleez's suggestion that Krona may be actually be alive to stop him in his tracks.

Somewhere hidden within the mountainous shadows, an unseen – and clearly unhealthy – individual observes as Atrocitus and Bleez return to Krona's now unoccupied final resting place. Atrocitus struggles to come to terms with the possibility of Krona's resurrection. He is forced to admit to himself that a Guardian of the Universe may yet be capable of such a trick, and he orders Bleez to recover Zilius Zox, Ratchet, and Skallox from the Blood Ocean so that they may all search for Krona. Bleez challenges his order, causing Atrocitus to remember that he has concerns about her loyalties. Naturally, Atrocitus responds with brutal violence, and an embittered Bleez does as she is bid, but not before sharing with the Red Lantern cat her prediction that she will only tolerate Atrocitus' abuse for so long. The first lantern that Bleez drags from the Blood Ocean is Ratchet...

Flashback: Two years into his 82-year incarceration for socialising, the Authorities amputated Ratchett's tendrils to deprive him of all touch. He is force fed after 14 years and starts to hallucinate after 40 years. Finally, his rage mutates to a new level and earns the attention of a new Red Lantern ring – a new life.

Racing around the barren wastelands of Ysmault, Atrocitus is looking for signs of Krona. He soon discovers dragged footprints that could feasibly belong to the recently dead. Atrocitus is virtually exultant at the prospect of finally getting to enact his vengeance on Krona, but before he can follow the tracks, he is attacked with a particularly smoky explosive that obscures the identity of his assailant. Convinced it is an undead Krona, Atrocitus enthusiastically hurls himself at his attacker before being promptly rendered unconscious.

As Zilius Zox recovers on the ocean shore, Ratchet learns from Bleez of the Red Lanterns' mission of vengeance for those who have been violated and wronged. He appears surprised that they get to be both judge and executioner, though the prospect is an attractive one to the aggressive Zilius Zox. Meanwhile, Skallox is still struggling under the ocean...

Flashback: Skallox's erstwhile-employer, the great criminal Lancer, threw him into a furnace alive without a second thought. The pain of the flames, however, was nothing compared to the anger and hatred that Skallox directed at himself for allowing his murder to occur – a rage worthy of a Red Lantern ring.

Bleez drags an apoplectic Skallox onto the shore, while Ratchet gathers from his muttering that Skallox was once a professional killer. Ratchet is disappointed that the Red Lantern rings appear indifferent to morality, while Zilius Zox has already grown tired of Ratchet's "useless talk". Any further philosophical debate is cut short by the arrival of Atrocitus, who reminds them of the Red Lantern oath and declares they are all going to hunt down Krona. He then quietly perceives that a new red ring is headed towards Earth.

On Earth, as John Moore watches from his apartment doorway, his brother Raymond is being manhandled by three police into a car. John tries to convince himself that he is doing the best thing for his brother, but Raymond is shortly escalating the situation with his aggressive resistance. The police retaliate with brutal punishment, breaking his skull open with their batons. Throughout the beating, John discovers that he is impotent – unable to intervene – having spent a hard lifetime suppressing his own rage. Afterward, he mutely kneels beside his dead brother, recognising his own cowardice that led them both to this point. He is overcome by a torrent of rage and self-loathing that heralds the arrival on his finger of a new Red Lantern ring. Jack Moore becomes a Red Lantern.


  • This book was first published on January 4, 2012.The plot of this issue is a direct continuation of the previous issue.


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