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Red Lanterns Vol 1 6


Red Lanterns Vol 1 6

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"All Too Human": Wearing a Red Lantern ring for the first time, with little idea of what is happening to him, Moore is in agony and cannot understand why he is still alive. Through flashbacks it becomes apparent that he has spent much of his life controlling and repressing anger. The three nearb

Quote1 I'm Jack Moore. An english literature student at Oxford... Steaming blood fills my mouth. My heart pounds. It's going to explode. Quote2
-- Jack Moore

Appearing in "All Too Human"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Raymond Moore (Appears only as a corpse)




Synopsis for "All Too Human"

Wearing a Red Lantern ring for the first time, with little idea of what is happening to him, Moore is in agony and cannot understand why he is still alive. Through flashbacks it becomes apparent that he has spent much of his life controlling and repressing anger. The three nearby police that had killed his brother attract his attention and Moore his able to control himself enough to attempt to warn them to stay away – he succeeds only in unintentionally immolating the closest of them. The remaining two attempt to put him down, but he barely notices them as he recognises his brother's dead body, which appears to bring him into focus. As words from the Red Lantern oath echo in his thoughts, he menacingly turns back to the police to find that their back-up has now arrived. With bullets ricocheting off his body, it occurs to Moore that he needs help to work out what is happening to him, and he finds himself flying away.

On Ysmault, Bleez is once again taking a beating from Atrocitus for her disobedience – this time in front of the whole Red Lantern Corps. Atrocitus orders Skallox to lead a group in his hunt for Krona, but Bleez has other ideas as she reignites her brawl with Atrocitus. The other lanterns enjoy the show as Bleez accuses Atricitus of growing weaker without his nemesis Krona alive to fuel his rage. She openly challenges his leadership. Atrocitus looks set to kill her in response, but is stopped by Skallox. He realises that many of the other lanterns support Bleez over him and angrily begins begins to remind them all of what they owe him. However, the mere fact that he finds himself having to justify his actions causes him to pause. Bleez has permanently changed the political dynamics of the Red Lanterns.

Jack Moore finds himself hurtling to ground at the foot of his beloved grandfather's grave. An instinctual need has guided him here and, as he comes to terms with his conversion, he realises that he is still capable of tears for his lost loved ones. His head spinning, he recalls his brother's intention to make Baxter pay for killing their grandfather, and his own refusal to accept that path. This time he embraces the rage and Jack rips his grandfather's tombstone straight out of the ground.

Elsewhere, in a police van heading out of town, a very worried Baxter is in protective custody. not far behind them, Moore feels the lantern rage kicking on to 'another level'. He blames Baxter for the death of both his brother and grandfather – his entire family – and smashes into the van. Ripping off a van door, he resists a taser and raises the tombstone above his head while Baxter pleads for his life. Suddenly, in a moment of clarity, all of the fury and rage makes perfect sense to Moore, and he smashes the tombstone down on Baxter. However, instead of there being a very squashed petty criminal, we see a shield of green light protecting Baxter and Guy Gardner, Green Lantern.

Guy insists on a little chat with Moore.

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  • This book was first published on February 1, 2012.
  • No special notes.


  • Although John's name has been established in the previous issues he refers to himself as Jack in this issue throughout.

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