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In 1945, he touched a meteor which gave him the power of the death-touch, killing everything he laid his hands on. When his wife left him, for obvious reasons, he became a super-villain. He took his name from an Edgar Allen Poe story, The Masque of the Red Death. He eventually teamed up with the Veil to commit robberies. At one point, they fought Captain Triumph, but that was the height of their notoriety. Unfortunately, the Veil went insane as a result of his powers, and was put in Arkham Asylum, bringing an end to the careers of both.
Later, as he was dying of an affliction of the lungs, he released malfunctioning robots on the city of Miami and attempted suicide, as a final act of villainy. He was interrupted by Animal Man, to whom he told his story. Unfortunately, Animal Man was unable to stop the Red Mask from committing suicide, as he leapt from a building, and died on impact.

enemy of Animal Man



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