Based on the revelation of T.O. Morrow, Red Torpedo was created after the Red Tornado. She was created some time before the start of the European Union to be used by Morrow for his own criminal end. However, for unknown reason she instead became a hero of Prague. Her heroic career ended when Morrow decided to destroy Red Torpedo by burying her in the Pacific Ocean with Morrow expecting that the ocean water will destroy her robot parts.

Red Torpedo, however, was able to send a beacon which was received by both Red Tornado and Red Volcano. It was Red Tornado who was able to find and rescue her.


  • Android Body
    • Hydrokinesis: Red Torpedo has the ability to manipulate any matter in liquid state including plasma or blood as when she tried to remove the blood from T.O. Morrow. She was shown to be able to control mass quantity of water but whether she can sculpt it remains to be seen.
  • Flight: It appears her power of flight is based on her hydrokinetic ability since a swirling stream of water appears from the waist down similar to that of the Red Tornado.
  • Red Tornado noted that Red Torpedo might be claustrophobic.
  • Red Torpedo when flying or underwater, has a face plate covering her head. It appears that although she is hydrokinetic she still needs to keep her robotic parts dry.