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Quote1 Certainly there are rational explanations. There always are. But sometimes, to survive, people need to cling to the irrational. … To think of matters greater than themselves. Quote2
-- Regin src

Regin was the fourth Atlantis chronicler after his mother Illya's death. He was Fiona's lover and later her husband. He wrote almost everything about the war between Poseidonians, led by Orin and Bazil, and Tritonians, led by Dardanus and Kordax.[1]

During the battle for Atlantis, Kordax attacked Regin and was about to kill him, but Fiona appeared and defeated his older half-brother. He also witnessed the fight of Orin against Dardanus and the spirit of Shalako. His interpretation about that fight was always doubted by his wife, Queen Fiona, who tried to find a logical explanation, ruling out the presence of spirits.

The last major episode he wrote was Kordax's punishment (the loss of his left arm and banishment), under the orders of Queen Cora.[2]


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Regin was born with the ability to endure the pressures of the deep.
  • Amphibious: Due to the scientist Thorne's experiments, Regin was born with the ability to breathe underwater and survive the increased pressure of the ocean depths.



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