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Reichsmark was one of several superpowered neo-Nazis hired by Vandal Savage to slaughter the families of former Golden Age superheroes. While attempting to kill Nathan Heywood, the injured grandson of Commander Steel, Reichsmark was stabbed in the throat with Heywood's crutch, causing his invulnerability-granting blood to fall onto and bond with Nathaniel's skin, which would later cause the young man to become Citizen Steel. Reichsmark later teamed with Captain Nazi to kill Libby Lawrence, the former Liberty Belle, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. However, they encountered the Justice Society. Reichsmark was confronted by Damage and was engulfed in his explosion.[1]


  • Molecular Reconstruction: Reichsmark's skin is coated with a living metal alloy that bonds with the flesh of anyone he touches, turning them into lifeless statues.
  • Superhuman Durability: His metal skin also afford him a measure of near-indestructibility. The only readily-vulnerable point on his body is the back of his throat.
  • Superhuman Strength



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