Quote1 That's correct, Legionnaire. He knows you better than you know yourselves-- and he HATES you, he hates you, he hates you! Quote2
-- Psycho-Warrior src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Firearms: Life on Bunyon's World is a constant, nightmarish struggle for survival. Due to the harsh conditions, Rejis and his people had to learn to adapt, function and fire while under constant threat.
  • Weaponry: Rejis' life suit has helped him remain alive on his home planet, in space and in battle against the Legion. He's used concussion grenades, Kryptonite radiation and


  • Mental Illness: Rejis grew up on a planet of incredible hardships. Finding solace in his life-mate Matil, he was shocked into illness when he witnessed her die. Rejis began to develop a psychotic hatred for the sun which included Sun Boy. This hatred extended to any who would associate with the Legion of Super-Heroes and their sun-themed ally.
  • Before shaving his head bald, Rejis' hair color was brown.



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