"White Flag": Capelli sits in an interrogation room at the base, and is approached by an un-named and irated SRPA official, who tells Capelli to tell him what happened up in Alaska. Capelli tells his story - he and the remaining members of Sentinel Team Alpha get in the tank as the Chimeran batt

Appearing in "White Flag"

Featured Characters:

  • Sentinel Team Alpha
  • Lieutenant Murphy (Dies)
  • Sergeant Joseph Capelli
  • Sergeant Benjamin Warner
  • Corporal Hank Leavitt

Supporting Characters:

  • J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • Major Welles


  • Chimera
  • Hybrids

Other Characters:

  • None



  • Atom Bomb


  • Tank
  • Chimeran battleship

Synopsis for "White Flag"

Capelli sits in an interrogation room at the base, and is approached by an un-named and irated SRPA official, who tells Capelli to tell him what happened up in Alaska. Capelli tells his story - he and the remaining members of Sentinel Team Alpha get in the tank as the Chimeran battleship bears down on them. The vibrations stop and the four men get out and find the tank has been accidentally scooped up by the ship - the Sentinels are trapped on the Chimera battleship, which Capelli senses is banking around and heading back to Europe. Leavitt takes the lead, coming up with the idea to blast a hole in the ship's hull and throw the nuclear bomb into the ocean off the coast of Alaska when the ship reaches it in 10 minutes time, justifying that it must be kept out of Chimera's possession. Before more is said, wave after wave of Chimera forces attack and Alpha Team, running low on ammo, have to make their shots count. Using aid from the tank and getting weapons off of dead Chimeran Hybrids, Alpha Team is able to hold their ground as the entire ship's complement comes down on them.

The scene goes back to the present, where the official notes Alpha Team still had a plan, courtesy of Leavitt, and if it had been completed, it would have allowed the possibility of salvage by SRPA, and thus, with the bomb back, the mission would have been accomplished. Capelli confirms this is true, going so far as to note Alpha Team expended the last of their artillery rounds firing at the hull to breach it. The official casually notes this and then pointedly asks what happened then.

The story continues - after the hull is breached, Murphy gets out of the tank and orders Capelli into the tank to man the tank's gun, while Murphy goes to make sure the bomb is secure. Capelli, in the middle of combat, says he is needed out there and counters Murphy can engage the tank and so Alpha Team can bulldoze the bomb out the side. Murphy states they have to make sure it's defused before it drops, and because he is the only one who knows how to do it. Above the carnage, Murphy yells for Capelli to, in his life, stop questioning him and do something Murphy asks. Capelli, reluctantly, complies...only to notice Warner and Leavitt arrive in the tank as well. Leavitt says that Murphy told them to fall back to the tank. Capelli, naturally, asks why the hell would he say that as, now, no one is covering him. Suddenly, Oppenheimer, now conscious and with a strange smile on his face, activates the tank's engines. Before Alpha Team can stop him, the tank falls out the side and off the ship.

The scene goes back to the present, the official, looking sympathetic and moved by what he is hearing, listens as Capelli sadly says Alpha Team later guessed that Murphy, who knew if the team performed Leavitt's plan no one would have made it home, so he did the only thing he could think of - Murphy decided to sacrifice himself to make sure the Chimera didn't get the bomb, and the team got home. Murphy must have used a syringe to give Oppenheimer a transfusion of his own blood, which for a normal human would be like taking a hit of pure adrenalin. It would kill him within 10 minutes, but Murphy possibly figured he wasn't going to survive much longer anyway, and he needed him awake. Because the ship was only 5,000 feet off the ground, and Murphy knew as long as the tank stayed in one piece, the team, possessing Sentinel regenerative powers, was only rendered unconscious after they crashed onto the snowy ground. Oppenheimer, however, died in the fall. 20 or 30 minutes later, Alpha Team regained consciousness and saw "it" from about 50 miles away - the bomb detonating and completely destroying the ship in a fiery explosion, with Murphy still aboard. Alpha Team was picked up 17 hours later by a submarine that SRPA had sent to investigate the blast. Capelli finishes by stating, truly touched and lost for words, his belief Murphy was a hero and, if SRPA hadn't erased all their names from the record, Capelli would be recommending him for the Medal of Honor.

The official, however, dismisses the story as it has a problem - Murphy (who he addresses as a "hero" in a sarcastic tone) destroyed the bomb: the very object SRPA sent Alpha Team to recover, and his actions consequently led to the death of Oppenheimer: one of the only men who knows how to build another one. The official, raising his voice with every word - and Capelli himself getting madder and madder, believes its clear Leavitt was the only one up there who had any clue how to handle the mission, and Murphy and Capelli, outranking him and botched it, and so the official can hardly believe Capelli's talking about medals - the official saying medals aren't given to those who screw up on missions. The official finishes by calling Murphy a disgrace, and so is Capelli...only to be punched in the face by Capelli before he can finish speaking.

Capelli stands over the official and, disagreeing with his assessment of Murphy being a disgrace, angrily states the bomb destroyed the Ice-Bridge over the Bering Strait and irradiated the entire area, making it impossible for the Chimera to cross over from Russia by land (as aforementioned by Oppenheimer), and so Murphy saved every man, woman and child in the United States. The official responds by declaring Capelli is "done": he is heading to the brig, and he won't come out until SRPA is ready to drop him "right into the asshole of the Chimeran War Machine". The official finishes by stating that "the next washout on a suicide mission is you pal".

As Capelli is led away, in handcuffs, by a guard, Major Welles and a higher-ranking officer look on, having heard every word. The officer asks Welles what he thinks, and Welles thinks the mission was a disaster, a failure of leadership more than anything. Welles, however, notes Leavit "seems promising" (hinting how he became an officer and leader of Echo Squad in the Intel documents of Resistance 2 before his own death). Also, more recruits coming up through Project Abraham will allow SRPA to specialize with teams. Welles is sure SRPA can find a place, even for Capelli. An un-named private then arrives and says there's one last thing - they were going through Capelli's effects when they found his letter addressed to "Sarah". It is a total breach of protocol, so SRPA looked through his file and can't find a single woman with that name is his past, but the private knows that some of the men who were more "familiar" with "Cassie (Cassie Aklin)". Welles cuts off the private and says that will be all about the subject - explaining to the confused lad that SRPA has taken just about everything they can from the Sentinels, and killed almost everything that makes them human because "we need monsters now", but, they can leave this grave from Capelli's past undisturbed as Capelli deserves to mourn his humanity in his own way. Welles finishes by saying "Because I look to the future...and I don't see much humanity left". The last scene in the story shows Capelli languishing behind bars, the scars on his face caused by the virus can clearly be seen.

Appearing in the 2nd Story

Featured Characters:

  • James Grayson

Supporting Characters:

  • Stephen Cartwright


  • Chimera


  • Johnny Grayson (Dies)




  • VTOL

Synopsis for the 2nd Story

The side-story on James Grayson comes to an end; Johnny was shot down again, and, with his entire squad wiped out. James, meanwhile, was stuck in England on Cartwright's bad side. Cartwright, however, tells James that things have actually gotten so dire he is being sent back into combat, rather than the brig. James thanks Cartwright, saying he is ready to return to the front. Cartwright, however, is not desperate enough for a promotion to make a decision that stupid. Cartwright says he won't trust James being at the front again. James, instead, will be going behind the lines, leading a squad to clean out conversion centers. James is dismissed from the meeting, but as he walks away, Cartwright stops him by saying that he is sorry to hear about his brother. Acknowledging his words, James leaves.

James narrates about what he and the squad did - the squad's purpose was horrifying, as, while seeing people turn into Chimera was terrible, and the other soldiers the squad met up with were near-consumed by death, all the humanity in them being leached out of them one way or another. There were those that truly became monsters worse than Chimera, with one soldier James clearly remembers, but he dismisses that as "another story".

After a month, James, believing himself numb to the horror when, while on another mission in another conversion center, casually walks up to a gathering of soldiers in the last room, asking if they are finished up in there so they can set the charges, destroy the facility, and move on. The soldier he addresses; Diggle, however, hesitantly said to James that he can't go in there. James pushes Diggle aside and enters, anticipating one of the soldiers has set the fuse wrong again, and moves to only see Johnny, who is no longer human, lying on a slab which is why the other soldiers didn't want James to see. The soldiers offer to take care of Johnny themselves while James leaves, but he instead orders one of them to hand over a gun, which James uses to execute Johnny.

Johnny is buried outside by the squad, with James saying to himself over and over what was lying on the slab wasn't his brother. Nevertheless, James says goodbye to Johnny, more for James himself as he knows Johnny can't hear him, as a way to say goodbye to Johnny, England, to the life he had as its a broken world now, and needs himself to be a better man for it. James moves to leave, taking Johnny's jacket with it. James looks at the Chimera skull & cross-bones emblem on Johnny's jacket, and declares he will never forget (thus the stage is set for "Resistance: Retribution").


  • Resistance is published by WildStorm Productions and is based upon the alternate history first-person shooter game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • The events from this six-issue story-arc takes before the events of Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and preludes to Resistance: Retribution.


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