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in: Issues Rated T+, Bobbie Chase/Executive Editor, Pete Woods/Cover Artist John Kalisz/Cover Artist, Dan Abnett/Writer, Andy Lanning/Writer, Jesús Saíz/Penciler, Javier Piña/Inker, Jeromy Cox/Colourist, Rob Leigh/Letterer, Brian Cunningham/Editor, Katie Kubert/Editor, Carmen Leno (Prime Earth)/Quotes, Mitchell Shelley II (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Kimberly Rebecki (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Darryl Roth (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Hooker (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Body Doubles (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Bonny Hoffman (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Carmen Leno (Prime Earth)/Appearances, South Carolina/Appearances, Viceroy/Appearances, Soder Cola/Appearances, Comics, 2012, 2012, September, July 11, 2012 (Publication), 2012, July (Publication), Resurrection Man Vol 2, New 52, Synopsis Written

Resurrection Man Vol 2 11


Resurrection Man Vol 2 11

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"Lab Rats": Mitch Shelley and Kim Rebecki have arrived in Viceroy, South Carolina, the home of Soder Cola. Viceroy is Mitch's home town, but it is also the place from which the biometric signature of [[Darryl Ro

Quote1 Pardon me while I snap my neck back in. Must be a pain to actually die, huh, Shelley? Quote2
-- Carmen Leno

Appearing in "Lab Rats"

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  • Jerry (Single appearance)
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Synopsis for "Lab Rats"

Mitch Shelley and Kim Rebecki have arrived in Viceroy, South Carolina, the home of Soder Cola. Viceroy is Mitch's home town, but it is also the place from which the biometric signature of Darryl Roth - the Transhuman - is emanating from. They have followed it from Darryl's lab, hoping that he is helping to lead them to The Lab - where Mitch and his strange ability to resurrect were born.

The two of them have followed Darryl's signal to the Soder Cola plant itself, sneaking into a tour group, and staying behind after hours with the help of Mitch's current shadow powers. However, the pair are unconvinced that the first Soder Cola bottling plant could somehow also be the home of the Lab. While sneaking around the premises, Kim places her hand on the wall of the plant and has a psychometric vision revealing that somehow, the Lab is being hidden within the bottling plant, using some kind of cloaking technology.

As they get closer, Mitch's memories start coming back to him such that he can circumvent security measures and get them further into The Lab. They make their way onto the executive elevator, and Mitch uses his abilities to take out the guards on the upper levels. He accesses the computer and finds that Darryl is being kept nearby.

They find Darryl in a cell, but Darryl is strangely unmoved by their attempt to rescue him. As it turns out, he agreed to become bait for the Lab in exchange for a cure for his illness. Not to mention that he was technically a super-villain as the transhuman, so betrayal should hardly have gone unexpected.

Despite the fact that they set a trap for him, Mitch's arrival has taken Hooker by surprise, and he orders the Body Doubles to take him out. The pressure is on, because Hooker's own superior is growing impatient.

With Darryl and the guards on the attack, Mitch decides that he and Kim should cut their losses and escape. Unfortunately, they are soon set upon by Carmen and Bonnie. Bonnie reminds Mitch that he had made a deal with her to come peacefully in exchange for the answers he seeks. She warns that they don't have much time, but Mitch doesn't know what this means. When Carmen threatens Kim's life, Mitch's emotional reaction is strong and he thrusts Bonnie aside violently. Carmen's own reaction to Bonnie being hurt leads her to charge at Mitch, thrusting him through a plate glass window. After plummeting to the ground, Carmen confirms that Mitch has died, and warns Hooker to come and collect before he revives.

Unfortunately for her, Mitch wakes up with the power to emit energy blasts from his eyes, and he does considerable damage in trying to defend himself. Carmen has Hooker use a risky transportation method to bring them back inside, and before Mitch can wake up from the displacement shock, he is injected with a sedative.


  • This book was first published on July 11, 2012.
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