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Resurrection Man Vol 2 5


Resurrection Man Vol 2 5

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"The Devil You Know": In Portland, the angel Suriel stands over the remains of Mitch Shelley, trying to explain away her actions as merely having been an accident which likely sent his soul to heaven, anyway. The

Quote1 A U.S. Army Patrol just got hit. Medivac is ten minutes out. You cannot be here when they arrive. You cannot be here doing the things you do to the wounded. Not even with that NSA Pass of yours. Quote2
-- Deathstroke

Appearing in "The Devil You Know"

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  • Iraq (Flashback only)
  • Basra



Synopsis for "The Devil You Know"

In Portland, the angel Suriel stands over the remains of Mitch Shelley, trying to explain away her actions as merely having been an accident which likely sent his soul to heaven, anyway. The onlookers - the Body Doubles and the Transhuman - are less convinced. Suriel calls up her superiors and tells them to expect Mitch's soul, explaining that he had aggravated her and she had lashed out with too much power, practically annihilating him.

Meanwhile, Mitch comes to in a strange hospital setting covered in several injuries. He is unsure of whether he is alive or dead. The doctor shoots some drugs into his IV, and he passes out.

Mitch recalls events of three years prior, in the demilitarized zone outside of Basra, Iraq. The government had hired Deathstroke to provide backup for Shelley and his partner Hooker. The team had ten minutes before Medivac arrived, and they could not be there when they arrived. Even Deathstroke was put off by the job that Shelley and Hooker did. Moving forward, Technician Bonnie Hoffman led the men to an injured soldier named Carmen Leno, whose arm had been blown off completely. Shelley ordered that Hoffman administer a standard dose of Tektites, to see what happened. Through the whole mission, Shelley exhibited a disturbing disregard for the soldiers' lives.

Later, Hooker revealed that Leno's treatment was successful, and her arm had reached 87% regeneration. Leno and Hoffman struck up a friendship over the course of Carmen's recovery. Suddenly, an explosion trapped Hooker underneath some debris, and rather than save his partner, Mitch grabbed the case of Tektites and escaped. However, another explosion blasted off Mitch's arm, and he opened the case, considering injecting himself.

Suddenly, Mitch turns to find a strange being standing over him. The being announces that it is not Mitch's time, and taking the syringe from him, it stabs him in the stump of his arm just before Deathstroke appears and attacks it.

Now, Suriel is informed that Mitch's soul has not reached Heaven. With little option, she leaves the humans below and decides to check if his soul went to the other place.

Meanwhile, Mitch comes to in the back of an ambulance. The doctor promises that he is okay and safe. He asks whether her's in heaven, and the doctor responds that he is not in heaven at all as the vehicle pulls into the driveway of Arkham Asylum.


  • This book was first published on January 11, 2012.
  • It is revealed in issue #0 of this series that the Mitch Shelley seen in flashback here is the original, while Resurrection Man is a Tektite-created duplicate.


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