A security guard at Stagg Industries, Rex Mason was set up by his employer, Simon Stagg, when he began dating the industrialist's daughter, Sapphire. Exposed to mutative chemicals, Rex was mutated into his current, hulking form. Distraught and confused, Rex rampaged through Gotham until Batman was able to stop him and expose him to a mixture of chemicals that, while not restoring his human form, were able to stabilize him and grant him full control of his new powers. Seeing the fear in Sapphire's eyes over his monstrous form, Rex faked his own death by transforming into a liquid state and flowing down the drain into the sewer.

Keeping his existence a secret, Rex took up residence in the abandoned church in Gotham's Old Town district, all the while training to control his powers. When a group of armed thugs began harassing local business owners, Rex used his new abilities to thwart their crimes, using the legend of "The Golem of Old Town" to his advantage. When Batman and Katana came to investigate the happenings, they discovered Rex and, ultimately, helped him stop the gang once and for all. It was during this that Rex began to use the name "Metamorpho", after the name of the project that had transformed him.

Some time later, Katana gathered Batman's allies, including Metamorpho, into a functional team to help save the Caped Crusader.




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