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Rex Stewart was the son of John Stewart and Shayera Hol.[citation needed] As the hero Warhawk, he joined the Justice League Unlimited.

Warhawk was, at first, not impressed when Superman brought Batman into the JLU to seek out who had ambushed Micron. This only worsened when Batman could only barely prevent an assault on Aquagirl. But Warhawk was not stupid - he knew that whoever betrayed the JLU would come after him at some point. Warhawk remotely operated his armor into battle, and let the traitor destroy the armor.

Warhawk eventually helped Batman uncover the real traitor - a Starro-controlled Superman.[citation needed]

Alternate Timeline

In an alternate timeline in the future created by Chronos, Warhawk, Static, Batman (Terry McGinnis), and Bruce Wayne were the only JLU members that survived. The JLU had to use a abandoned Hamilton Hill High School as their new headquarters because the Metro Tower and Batcave were destroyed.

When Justice League members John Stewart, Batman and Wonder Woman traveled to the future to stop Chronos, the JLU saved them from an ambush by Jokerz. After they escaped they went back to headquaters when Rex introduced himself as the son of Stewart and Shayera Hol.

These events were erased when John and Batman reversed Chronos' effect in the timestream, but the memory of his son still troubled the Lantern.[citation needed]

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  • Armor: Warhawk wore an armor of polynized aluminum steel, that could be expanded to cover his entire body.
  • Nth Metal Wings: Because he was only half Thanagarian, Warhawk did not possess their trademark wings. He adopted the hawk as his symbol nonetheless, and made himself wings out of Nth Metal.




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