Following his father's death and his stepmother's mental breakdown, Tim Drake was set to become a ward of the state. Bruce Wayne had prepared to adopt Tim until it was discovered in his dad's will that Tim had an uncle Eddie. [1] Uncle Eddie quickly came to Bludhaven to care for Tim. [2] It was after Eddie took Tim out of school that he was paid a visit by Bruce Wayne. Bruce had done some research and found that things didn't add up with Eddie's sudden appearance. Tim confessed that he had hired out-of-work actor, Richard Beren, and falsified documents to invent a fake uncle. His plan was to live basically as an emancipated minor but no court would allow such a plan. Bruce was proud of the job Tim had done and even offered to help support the plan in any way he could. [3] Tim continued to carry out his plan until the destruction of Bludhaven. Following this event, Tim travelled overseas with Bruce and Dick Grayson for several months. After their return, Tim began living with Bruce at Wayne Manor. It is not currently known if Richard is still playing the part of Eddie Drake or if he even survived the city's destruction.