Quote1 Some criminals deserve a second chance. Second chances are harder with a severe brain injury. Quote2
-- Richard Grayson src

Injustice: Year One

Nightwing was a member of the Insurgency and stood by Batman when he did not choose to side with Superman in his efforts to police the world. He is seen as a mentor to Damian and is respected by other members of the Justice League.

When Wonder Woman makes a call to arms to other members of the League in an effort to find Superman's parents, Richard is among those people who attempt to find the location of Mirror Master and to stand guard outside the World's End bar in Keystone City.

After Superman announces that he will be vacating Arkham Asylum to make Gotham safer, Nightwing chooses to support Batman as opposed to Damian who sides with Superman's League. At Arkham, Richard acts as the voice of reason and tries to discern why Damian is siding with Kal-El versus his father. After Harley Quinn releases all the inmates, including Solomon Grundy, onto the League, Batman, Nightwing and Green Arrow, Richard fights various inmates and goes to help Damian.

When Grundy throws Diana underground the structure, Richard tells Superman that Grundy's dead, and that Superman doesn't have to hold back in order to release some tension. Superman lasers off Grundy's hand and Richard opens his fingers to release Damian. Damian and Richard continue to fight inmates above ground, with Robin severely beating the Riddler. Nightwing tells Damian that Robin doesn't beat people when they're down, but Wayne retaliates, saying "You're not Robin anymore!" throwing one of his escrima sticks at Richard's head. It contacts and causes Richard to fall backwards onto a rock, breaking his neck and killing him.

Damian is visibly upset when Bruce sees Richard's body, and shoves Robin away. Richard's death sparked various reactions from Leaguers and inmates. Nightwing's death remains as a point of contention between Bruce and Damian, and the rest of the Justice League.

Injustice: Year Three

When Boston Brand was critically injured by the Spectre, he passed on his mantle of Deadman to Dick Grayson before peacefully passing on. When Damian goes to defeat some villains and gets nearly killed, Dick saves him and gives him his old Nightwing costume as a birthday present.




  • Escrima Sticks (Formerly)



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