Dick Malverne was an appliance store owner in Leesburg, Virginia who was in love with Linda Danvers.

His relationship with Linda began to get strained over her dual life. She managed to compensate, however, but just before the two could consummate their relationship, Linda discovered a terrible secret; Dick had been possessed by Buzz all along! Buzz revealed that when he had been taken over his body all along, he had managed to break off a small part of his essence and put it in Dick. He threatened to do great harm to Dick unless Linda could retrieve the remainder of his body and essence from an icy meteor hurtling through the solar system, one that was used as a prison for all manner of demons.

Linda, having no choice, went to the meteor and battled a creature called the Unholy, blinding him during the battle. She managed to recover Buzz and take him back to Earth, where the rest of his essence was reunited with him. Unfortunately, without Buzz's spirit in him any longer, Dick had his cancer come back with a vengeance. After battling the unholy demons she returned home and found Dick dead in his apartment. He had foregone proper treatment in favor of appealing to the Church of Supergirl.


This version of Dick Malverne first appeared in Supergirl (Volume 4) #4 by Peter David and Gary Frank, and is an adaptation from the original Dick Malverne created by Otto Binder and Jim Mooney, who first appeared in Action Comics #256.



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