Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States. His predecessor was Lyndon Johnson and his successor was Gerald Ford. In Superman & Batman: Generations, Superman entrusted President Nixon with a piece of Green Kryptonite that has been sealed in an underground bunker that was built at great taxpayer cost in the event that it would be used for taking Superman down should he ever pose a threat to the government and mankind. In 1969, President Nixon called upon Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash to do something about the protesters of the Vietnam War, to either put an end to the protesting or put an end to the war, but all five superheroes refused to do so, claiming that the people have a constitutional right to protest and that the conflict in Vietnam isn't a black-and-white issue.

  • This version of the real-life character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.
  • This character is a fictional representation of Richard Nixon, a real person. More information on this person can be found at