Richard Redditch appeared on the outside just an average traveling salesman, but in truth he was a wanted serial killer.

After the Dominators gene bomb went off, a government agency gained interest in the number of people with the metagene; they were eager to discover if they could create heroes on demand. To this end, they kidnapped a single metahuman man Richard Redditch as he had no living relatives and no one would miss him if he was gone.

They experimented on him and activated his powers so now he could enter and control any form of electrical technology. However, Richard's true personality surfaced and destroyed the government laboratory and went on a killing spree using his newfound powers. The Spectre tried unsuccessfully to stop Redditch, who would always find a new electrical escape.

In the meantime, Portland police detective Jason Praxis was closing in on this serial killer. However Praxis' niece fell victim to Redditch. Eventually, the Spectre was able to cut off any other electrical escape, so Redditch jumped into Praxis and he was able to keep Redditch in check and use the powers himself.

enemy of the Spectre