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Richard Stanton was motivated by a personal tragedy to dress up as an old woman in order to infiltrate criminal gangs and bring them to justice while trying to track down his kidnapped daughter. For several years, he looked for her, and when he located the kidnapper, he revealed that Stanton's daughter was still alive. [1]

He cut off all ties to his previous life when he became Madam Fatal, except for keeping his pet parrot, Hamlet. He briefly had two allies who helped out during cases, Tubby White and Scrappy Nelson, who formed the "Sure Fire Detective Agency."

He faced a number of outlandish foes during WWII, including Tiger Woman, who he confronted atop of a high building, punched her out, and caused her to plummet to her death. He also fought the Jester. He later helped rescue the Shade's grandson from Nazi's who were stealing an experimental plane from Caldecott Airlines. In exchange for his services, Shade uncovered the location of Stanton's missing daughter. [2]

After the war, most of Stanton's activities are unrecorded. He has since passed away, and his grave can be found at Valhalla Cemetery. [3]

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